North Miami Beach Senior High School has a vast number of academies. The purpose of these academies
is to allow students to have a more focused education and gives each student the chance to experience
hands-on learning techniques used in a field of their choice. When students can choose a career path and
start focusing on background information in that field, students enjoy school and are given the tools to be
successful in life.

9th Grade Academy

House Of Technology & Finance

Academy of Information Technology
National Academy Foundation affiliation

Multi Media Technology Strand
Web Design Strand

Academy of Finance-
National Academy Foundation affiliation
Accounting Strand
Marketing Strand

House of Health

Academy of Health Sciences & Medicine
Nursing Assistant Strand
Certified Nursing Strand

House of Arts, Technology & Communications

Digital Design
Multi Media Strand
Commercial Art Strand
TV Production

Academy of Performing Arts & Music
Theater Performance Strand
Music Strand

House of Education – Education and Food Service

Academy of Education
Early Childhood Strand
Culinary Arts