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-Physicals Available June 22, 2015

-M-DCPS Football and Interscholastic Athletic Insurance Benefits

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The North Miami Beach
Senior High Athletic
Department will field teams in
the following sports during the
2014- 2015 school year:

Boys and Girls Swimming-
Mrs. Walker

Boys Football-Mr. Bertani
Girls Volleyball-Ms. Sanz
Boys Basketball-Mr. Masselle
Girls Basketball-Mrs. Volcy
Boys Soccer-Mr. Gedeon
Girls Soccer-Mr. Parris
Boys and Girls Tennis- Mr. Pasternack
Girls Softball-Mr. Kishman
Boys Baseball-Mr. Rodriquez
Boys and Girls Track-Mr. Rick
Boys and Girls Water Polo-Mrs. Walker

Fall sports will begin practice
on Monday, August 6, 2014.
The time and place will vary
by sport.

If you have any
questions about our Athletic
programs please email the
Athletic Director at


August 5th Football, Swimming & Girls Volleyball

October 7 th Girls Soccer
October 14th Boys Soccer
October 21st Girls Basketball
October 28th Boys Basketball
January 6th Softball
January 13th Baseball,Tennis & Track and Field
January 27th Water Polo


Student athletes are expected to be at school and on time every day. Any student athlete that accumulates more than 9 absences,excused or unexcused, and/or 19 tardies,
excused or unexcused, will be declared ineligible for any athletic program for the remainder of the school year.





NMB Senior High 2014-2015

The North Miami Beach Senior High Athletic Department

Welcomes you and your family to one of the best high schools in Miami- Dade County. During your time here, we want to encourage you to become an active member of our school community. Sports and other
extracurricular activities will provide you with great experiences and your best memories of high school life. The information in this brochure will tell you everything you need to know to get started as a student-athlete with Charger athletics. Charger Athletics: “Inspiring Excellence”Home of Future State Champions

The mission of the North Miami Beach Athletic Department is to serve as a direct complement to the academic goals and values of the school. In addition to being a complement to academics, there will be a heightened push to promote a sense of pride and vested interest through the participation of an athletic extra-curricular activity. This message will be conveyed through Coaches that will work to enhance each athlete’s skills and techniques. The emphasis will be to make each student-athlete a better individual player, as well as a stronger team player. Moreover, coaches will carefully articulate the dynamics of good sportsmanship while competing; as well as the importance of winning with humility or handling defeat with dignity. North Miami Beach is centrally located in an extremely diverse neighborhood, in which case all of our athletic teams will consistently showcase this diversity. Therefore, this administration is dedicated to teaching the student-athletes the importance of becoming great citizens in the community, while continuing to promote healthy competition and winning on the field of play.



Every student athlete must pass a physical examination prior to any participation in athletics. Physical examinations will be administered FREE OF CHARGE at North Miami Beach Senior High two times a year. The Fall Physical will take place in July in the cafeteria. A parent, or legal guardian, must accompany student athletes, as the physical forms must be notarized. For your convenience, a Notary Public will be present to perform this service for $5 .

INSURANCE Regardless of existing family
insurance coverage, M-DCPS requires that all
students participating in interscholastic
athletic competition purchase school
insurance. The two types available are general
insurance and football insurance.

General Insurance: Students trying out for any
sport must purchase regular school insurance.
The minimum package offered costs is TBA. Any
student playing both football and another sport
must purchase BOTH types of insurance. No
credit or debit cards accepted. Cash only.

Football Insurance: This insurance provides
secondary coverage at a cost of TBA for the fall
season. Students participating in football must
purchase special football insurance AND the
general insurance if participating in any other
sport. Separate football insurance protection must
be purchased to participate in spring football at a
cost TBA.
time athletes and incoming 9th graders must present their original birth certificate to the Athletic Office asproof of age before they can be made
eligible to compete. This is a
requirement of the Florida High School Athletic Association. On the day of the free physicals, please bring this document with you. If you are NOT a US citizen and do not have your birth
certificate, you may bring a passport or INS card. If you are an American citizen, we can only accept your ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR A CERTIFIED HOSPITAL RECORD. We cannot accept notarized duplicates, baptismal certificates, or a driver’s license as proof of age.

An 8th grader, who is academically promoted, will be eligible during the
first semester of their 9th grade year. Each semester lasts 18 weeks, (half the school year). After their first semester, ninth graders must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA), on a 4.0 scale in their coursework to remain eligible.

All other high school students must maintain a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale in their coursework in order to be eligible to compete. The purpose of these standards is to improve the academic performance of students. The cumulative effect of the academic requirements makes it very important for an entering 9th grader to get off to a good academic start
in high school.