Our Staff:            

All of our staff are highly trained professionals who know and understand the medical issues and difficulties associated with adolescence.   We are here at school when you need us!

North Miami Beach Sr.

Marcia Dodo, ARNP (Nurse Practitioner)
Nelsy Villalobos, MSW (Social Worker)
Jacqueline Alcius (Medical Assistant)

John F. Kennedy Middle School

Joycelyn Lawrence, M.D. (Physician & Medical Director)
Twala Kelly, MSW (Social Worker)
Sandy Joseph (Medical Assistant)
Gloria Hodgson (Medical Assistant)
Lovely Fameux (Patient Registrar)

Elementary schools

Petagaye Andrews, RN
Doris Kitchen, MSW
Cameau Paul, MSW

Quality Assurance & Confidentiality: YOU CAN TRUST US!!  

All services are provided in accordance with established medical practice and standards of care.   Privacy is a top priority.   All of our staff take your privacy very seriously and we adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality.   No matter what the issue/problem, we will not discuss your care with anyone without your approval.   You can come to the health center and know that what is discussed here, stays here!




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