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Parents Night-  September 20th, 2013


Extra Curricular


Chain of Command
Battalion Commander- c/ Maj. Joel Gil
Executive Officer- c/Cpt. Shanice Gaynor
Command Sergeant Major- c/ CSM Daniel Georges
S-1: Adjutant Officer-c/1st Lt. Hector Rivera
S-2: Security Officer-c/1st Lt. Charledgar Beduoet
S-3:Training and Operation Officer- c/1st Lt. Kiana Peterson
S-4: Logistics Officer- c/1st Lt. Alleli Abbott
S-5: Special Project Officer-c/1st Lt. Jasmine Larose
Alpha Company Commander-c/1st Lt.
Bravo Company Commander-c/1st Lt. Sandra Gurrier
Charlie Company Commander- c/1st Lt. Chilno Fleuridon



Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

The North Miami Beach Senior High School Charger Battalion is a wonderful, innovative program. As an Honor Unit with Distinction ROTC program, our teaching skills, lessons, and counseling provides instruction and rewarding opportunities that will benefit students, the community, and the nation.

To motivate young people to be better citizens

PURPOSE: To prepare high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of the benefits of citizenship

 OBJECTIVES: To teach Good Citizenship, Patriotism, Self-Reliance, Leadership, Responsiveness, Appreciation of the role of the US Army, Knowledge of military customs and skills and Appreciation of physical fitness and exercise

About Us
Major Rountree (2001-present)
First Sergeant Baumer (2010-2012)
Sergeant First Class Harris (2001-2006)
Sergeant First Class Serrano (2001-present)
Sergeant First Class Marquez (2006-present)

Charger Battalion
North Miami Beach Senior High School
1247 NE 167st
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
Phone: 305-949-8381 ext. 2412


The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps was organized under the authority of the National Defense Act of 1916. This unit was then established at North Miami Beach Senior High School in 2001, with Major Rountree (RET) as the SAI and Sergeant First Class Serrano and Sergeant First Class Harris as the Army Instructors. In 2006, SFC Marquez  joined our organization as an army instructor. In the 2010-2011 school year First Sergeant Baumer joined our cadre. However, he departed in 2012. Our program is based on self-development within a military framework that includes classroom instruction from Monday through Friday. The course contains leadership labs, guest speakers, physical training, and class discussions. There is ABSOLUTELY no military obligation. However, students who wish to pursue military service can go into the armed forces with 1 or 2 advanced ranks. If going to college, they are eligible for advanced placement and scholarships in college ROTC.



We have a wide range of activities within this program includes the drill teams (armed and unarmed), Raiders (physical fitness team), Color guard ceremonies, parades, JCLC in the summer for selected cadets, an annual PT challenge, an annual military ball, fundraising, escorting for school events and community service. Cadets learn how to interact with variety of different people and how to be a great leader. They also learn how to deal with conflict among their peers with training exercises.  The lessons that are taught in this program will be useful in their everyday life and will benefit them in their futures. The cadets on the drill team will receive an opportunity to compete against the best schools across the nation at a state and national level.



The uniform is issued to cadets for free. These uniforms are property of the United States Army, yet loaned to Miami-Dade County Public Schools through bonds. It is a responsibility of the cadets to maintain their own uniforms. This includes laundering, dry cleaning, and any minor repairs. Cadets must return their uniforms at the end of the year. If and when a cadet is dropped from the JROTC program, they will have to return their uniform immediately. The uniform is worn with pride once a week.
Periodically, cadets earn awards for excellence in areas of JROTC extracurricular activities, or in overall achievements. Cords, arcs, and medals are all types of awards worn by our cadets. The most common type of award is in the form of a colorful ribbon worn on the left side of the uniform. Over the course of the year, prominent cadets become candidates for promotion to a higher rank and greater responsibility.


N.M.B. J.R.O.T.C.