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North Miami Beach SAC


Successfully educating the students of NMB and giving them the tools they need to pursue lifelong learning is not the responsibility of a single person or division within the system. All of us (faculty/staff, parents, students, and community) must work together with the school administration to achieve these common goals. The Educational Excellence School Advisory Council (EESAC) is only one mechanism which promotes that interface, but it is an important one. The EESAC brings together stakeholders and involves them in an authentic role in decisions which affect instruction and the delivery of programs at NMB Senior High.



This is your EESAC. It provides you an opportunity to learn more about decisions affecting your school and gives you a chance to participate in the process. Meetings are once a month and all are open and available to the public. Join us and get involved! Meeting dates/times and minutes are available upon request.



SACs are established via Section 229.58, Florida Statutes. A SAC's primary functions are to assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan provided at Section 230.23(16), Florida Statutes and to assist in the preparation of the school's annual budget and plan as required by Section 229.555(1), Florida Statutes. The SAC also works closely with the PTSA to facilitate community and parental involvement in the development and implementation of federally funded Title 1 programs at the school.



The selection process for membership of SACs is outlined at Section 229.58(1), Florida Statutes. Members of SACs are volunteers and serve without compensation.


Use of Funds

Each ESSAC has discretion as to how it will spend funds allocated from the district. An expenditure approved by a SAC is not subject to override by the school principal or school district staff; however, the superintendent and school board must ensure that SAC expenditures are consistent with state law and policies. First, expenditures must be for a "project or program." Section 24.121(5)(c), Florida Statutes. Second, the expenditure must comply with the school district's policies and procedures that define enhancement and the types of expenditures that are considered consistent with that definition as per Specific Appropriation 3, Section 1, Chapter 99-226, Laws of Florida. Further, the policies and procedures required by the appropriations act must be consistent with the substantive law provided at Section 24.121(5)(c), Florida Statutes. Third, a portion of the funds should be used for implementing the school improvement plan. Section 24.121(5)(c), Florida Statutes; Specific Appropriation 3, Section 1, Chapter 99-226, Laws of Florida. Hence, the expenditures associated with implementing the school improvement plan must be consistent with the limitations provided on the use of funds provided at both Section 24.121(5)(c), Florida Statutes, and Specific Appropriation 3, Section 1, Chapter 99-226, Laws of Florida.


If you have questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact the SAC Chair, Patti Stauffer at

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